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PRC-148 Multiband Inter/Int
  • Dual- Channel waiting ( Listening )
  • High / Low Power Switch
  • 100 Memory Frequencies
  • Editable Channel Name
  • Voice emission feature ( VOX )
  • Battery indictor
  • Cable replication
  • Adjustable backlight Brightness
  • Lockable channel mode
  • 2000 mAh Lithium battery
  • include pairs of antennas
  • Highlist of the item: Unique LCD display, the same size and structure with the origial one; body with true printing and lettering.the battery and the body can be splited. All the screws on the body are not for decoration , all can be detachable. Factory restore trademark and nameplate can be found at the side of the body. Open theSimulated interface dust cover on the body side, it can be used with the kenwood plug directly. At top of the plug ,there is 5 pins circule structure,which can be used with headphones or Microphone. All keys are available and have specific funtions.
    Acessory of the item: Deluxe set, a long folding antenna, a short folding antenna, charger ,battery,maual ,D-ROM and data lines,airsoft player can enter any requencies into the intercom with PC. Antenna extension cable, Molle system fixed card,which used in the the back of the MOLLE system webbing to fixed the antenna. The intercom are connected with the antenna with the Antenna extension cable.
    Frequency Range:400-470MHz. 99 channels are available with the digital cable.
    Output Power:5W
    Dual-frequency waiting listenning,a voice-activated auto-launch feature, the battery is 2000 mAh Li-ion battery, long life.
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